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Name:Harry/Draco Writing Support
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Welcome to hd_writers. Formerly known as hd2o!

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hd_writers is a community for Harry/Draco writers! We offer support, encouragement and inspiration!

It's a great place to:
-talk about your current projects
-bounce ideas around
-set writing goals
-post updates on your progress
-cheer each other on
-word war with friends
-talk about anything related to writing!

Participate as much or as little as you want to. No goal is too big or too small. Whether you are working on your next H/D fest fic or your first/next novel, we would love to have you join us. Your goal may be one big story such as the hd_bigbang or it may be to write a number of stories for a total wordcount - whatever it may be, we want to support you! We also strive to provide a supportive environment for H/D authors who want to branch out into original fiction.

The common theme that unites us is our love for Harry/Draco. However, we do support writers of all kinds. Usually, all discussion topics on the community are strictly h/d, but please note that we do allow all creative writing, regardless of pairing, to count in our word wars and other pairings may be discussed in the chatroom as well.

Of course, non-writer cheerleaders are always welcome. If you want to offer advice, encouragement, or beta services, you're more than welcome to join!

On occasion, we have been known to host Word Wars. What is a word war, you ask?

Essentially, a word war is timed writing. Participants get together and set a time limit – say, 10 minutes or half an hour or an entire weekend– and then write as much as they can in that time period. Authors are allowed to work on any project, and as many different ones as they like. You can edit or write – so long as there is some creative work being done. At the end of the time slot, authors post how many words they have written, be it 10 or 800. Every word brings you closer to your goal! ♥


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